Monday, 12 October 2015

Welcome back!  Here's  to Term 4 2015

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Some Photos here of students at work or what they have been working on!

Year 8 Girls attack their Spelling 

Isobel takes a moment to read in the Library

Josh and Tyler work on their project
Brodie Reads in class

Nziwa and Liz work together in a corner of the Library

While Lucy finds another quiet spot to work on her Reading

Lucas & Torben attack their Maths

Design and build Project The Doll's House!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Exploring Values

Please view this clip and comment on what values you think it is showing us. Please put your first name and Initial.  Thanks

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Our First Poems

My Bedroom
A trophy strikes a pose on the set of drawers.  
My towel waltzes across the chair and my favourite 
moose hat lazily roves on the end of the bed.  
An old toolbox overflows with wire and screwdrivers 
and the African Mask screeches from the faded wall.
My bedroom, messy, well lived in and a place I love to lie in, 
wind whispering and the raindrops dripping from the holey guttering.

By Mrs Adams

My Bedroom
A floor full of plastic cows with a tiny silo in the play paddock. 
Tractors and cars huddle in the mini sheds. 
A tool box waits under the bed, while posters cover the leafy wallpaper. 
I dawdle down to my room.  I sit on my bed stroking my cat, Tip. 
I say “Mum it is ice cold in here!”
I wake in the morning and I feel so old… I’m not speedy I’m slow.

By Tony Peake

Working independently

Golf 1st Tee

We also explored values like Resilience!